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Unlocking the Queer in Me: my journey from Goldstar lesbian to all embracing queer

January 12, 2012


Written by Avery Parks (also known as “Friend 2” in “Will Lesbian ever stop being a dirty word?”) I now identify as ‘queer’ and I’m completely at ease with this description of myself. When I first came out I identified as ‘gay’. That was when I was 14 years old. When I got to university at […]

Will Lesbian ever stop being a dirty word?

January 6, 2012


This article features two friends: Friend 1 self-identifies as a straight  woman who occasionally falls for the odd woman. She is OK with kissing men  but she hates penis. Friend 2 identifies as a gay woman or lesbian who loves  vajayjay and all things lesbian feminist but prefers to ‘come out’ by saying  she is […]