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Dykeroad– Six years on

October 10, 2017


Recently, I was planning a catching up with a former colleague and was thinking of how I would reply her when she asked me the standard, ‘What are you up to these days?’ My thoughts were focused on how to explain that I finally embraced my calling to do some pretty awesome gay shit. It […]

Sexual Health For WSWs in Nigeria And Coming Out to My Doctor

January 12, 2014


If you lived in Nigeria where it’s almost illegal to be gay or lesbian would you feel confident in coming out to your doctor? I had to recently. I didn’t feel scared of being judged because I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what she thought. I was more concerned about my health. When you’ve been […]

Interview With Maker of Sagba, a Film on Being Gay and Nigerian

March 24, 2013


Last Sunday, I had the chance to have a lovely conversation with Teju Oluokun, a Nigerian London-based filmmaker who has just released Sagba, a docu-style short film about being gay and Nigeria. Sagba means struggle in Yoruba, one of the local languages spoken in Nigeria. We spoke about Teju’s motivation behind making the film and […]

Queer Family Relations

April 9, 2012


 What to do about tensions that have been caused by automatically assuming that your Nigerian extended family will be hostile to you for being queer?    A lot of people talk about the terrible things that they have suffered at the hands of family members for being queer or same-sex loving. This article is not […]

Nigerian lesbian reacts to the anti-gay marriage bill

December 19, 2011


A lesbian living in Nigeria shares her views on the anti-gay marriage bill via electronic correspondence. I have copied and pasted the interview. 1. When did you first hear about the bill?  I heard about the bill a few days before it was passed into law. I know the Nigerian stance on homosexuality so I wasn’t expecting […]