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Take Your Time

August 1, 2012


written by LesGuru Lesbians seem to rush into relationships, love hard and then hate harder when things don’t go according to plan. If I had a penny for each time somebody approached me with lesbian drama, I would be filthy rich! The ironic thing is that I believe they bring it on themselves. We seem to no […]

An Ode to Amina’s Booty

July 19, 2012


You couldn’t ask for one more perfect. Suspended at a great height with plenty of ground to explore; planetary-like in features just think of the moon.   To touch must feel like heaven but unsettling because you don’t dare fathom what comes next; so excuse me while I kiss the sky.   Take bus 3 […]

Ruby Tuesdays is Great Fun but You Could Pay Dearly The Next Day If You’re Employed…Unless You’re a Champion Like Me;p

February 29, 2012


I was going to blog about the Autostraddle London meet up at Ku Bar on Feb 28th but I never made it. I did however experience my first Ruby Tuesday. Here’s a timeline of the night. 20:00 I’m just about finishing work but the AS meet up is scheduled for 20:30. I’m still feeling confident […]