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Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!

June 21, 2016


The entire week has been a moving week for my family and I. I stumbled on my old stonewall T-shirt and I suddenly understood the meaning of the message ‘Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!’ We just moved to a new house and the move has been really bittersweet and nostalgic. I found so many […]

Sexual Health For WSWs in Nigeria And Coming Out to My Doctor

January 12, 2014


If you lived in Nigeria where it’s almost illegal to be gay or lesbian would you feel confident in coming out to your doctor? I had to recently. I didn’t feel scared of being judged because I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what she thought. I was more concerned about my health. When you’ve been […]

My Two Loves

August 3, 2013


My very first love has grey eyes. She loves sports and all things fitness, is kind and compassionate, utterly ambitious and is god’s gift to women in bed. My second love has deep brown eyes surrounded by a flutter of long eyelashes. She thinks her eyes are her best feature but I think her bum wins […]

Fucking Words

November 15, 2012


What are polite and gentle words when we’re fucking? Curt and demand-like is more like it Take it off! Snap. There goes the bra. Bend over Turn around I want you on your back Come up Kiss me. A plea on occasion, “Babe, fuck me” Now! Deeper, faster, more fingers Fuck me slowly Yes, just […]

I Wrote You A Little Love Note On My BlackBerry

October 12, 2012


Feeling bathed in you, I got off the tube and must have walked a mile before work to try to wipe the daze. You are a charm. It was a charming morning on Oxford Street. Crisp with no leaves to let you know it’s really autumn. At 5 I walked half way home. Crossed the […]

A Letter to The Woman I Want to Lay

August 6, 2012


Dear beautiful woman, My hands are shaking as I attempt to write this. I’m not sure if its my body’s reaction to copious amounts of alcohol from last night or a manifestation of my resistance to share this. My body has done some strange things lately. On Friday night, I hyperventilated in the bathtub. It […]

Take Your Time

August 1, 2012


written by LesGuru Lesbians seem to rush into relationships, love hard and then hate harder when things don’t go according to plan. If I had a penny for each time somebody approached me with lesbian drama, I would be filthy rich! The ironic thing is that I believe they bring it on themselves. We seem to no […]