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Fucking Words

November 15, 2012


What are polite and gentle words when we’re fucking? Curt and demand-like is more like it Take it off! Snap. There goes the bra. Bend over Turn around I want you on your back Come up Kiss me. A plea on occasion, “Babe, fuck me” Now! Deeper, faster, more fingers Fuck me slowly Yes, just […]

A Letter to The Woman I Want to Lay

August 6, 2012


Dear beautiful woman, My hands are shaking as I attempt to write this. I’m not sure if its my body’s reaction to copious amounts of alcohol from last night or a manifestation of my resistance to share this. My body has done some strange things lately. On Friday night, I hyperventilated in the bathtub. It […]

Vday Sex Music

February 13, 2012


I was walking around town the other day and noticed how there were a lot of red and heart-shaped decorations. I started to wonder what was going on. I was seriously perplexed and then it hit me that Valentine’s Day is coming up. I’ve never been one to wait until it was Vday to do […]