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I Wrote You A Little Love Note On My BlackBerry

October 12, 2012


Feeling bathed in you, I got off the tube and must have walked a mile before work to try to wipe the daze. You are a charm. It was a charming morning on Oxford Street. Crisp with no leaves to let you know it’s really autumn. At 5 I walked half way home. Crossed the […]

A Letter to The Woman I Want to Lay

August 6, 2012


Dear beautiful woman, My hands are shaking as I attempt to write this. I’m not sure if its my body’s reaction to copious amounts of alcohol from last night or a manifestation of my resistance to share this. My body has done some strange things lately. On Friday night, I hyperventilated in the bathtub. It […]

Take Your Time

August 1, 2012


written by LesGuru Lesbians seem to rush into relationships, love hard and then hate harder when things don’t go according to plan. If I had a penny for each time somebody approached me with lesbian drama, I would be filthy rich! The ironic thing is that I believe they bring it on themselves. We seem to no […]

A Love Poem by Henry Van Dyke Followed By Exploring Our Actions In Romantic Love

March 24, 2012


Love Let me but love my love without disguise, Nor wear a mask of fashion old or new, Nor wait to speak till I can hear a clue, Nor play a part to shine in others’ eyes, Nor bow my knees to what my heart denies; But what I am, to that let me be […]