She Calls Me “Gucci Bag”

April 29, 2014


guest post by Anonymous I got my first “proper”…nah “mature” pussy licking by this girl who owned a fake Gucci bag. It was supposed to be a one night stand that turned into a two time relationship. So I had to see her again, although I was thinking to myself that I might probably catch […]

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The Crime of Leaving and Moving On

April 27, 2014


When you’re one half of a couple, you sometimes get seen as a single piece. Especially in circles of friends where everyone is partnered up. It’s often, “What are you guys up to this weekend?”, “Oh, A and B and coming”, “But they usually have brunch together on Sunday mornings” and many other descriptors that signify that […]

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88 ‘Til Infinity

April 16, 2014


On this day each year, I usually reflect on the past one. Since I’ve neglected this blog so badly I thought I should stop by and share some of what I’m thinking. My theme for this year is Joy. Joy, because I’m at a very happy place in life. This past year has been very […]

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Sexual Health For WSWs in Nigeria And Coming Out to My Doctor

January 12, 2014


If you lived in Nigeria where it’s almost illegal to be gay or lesbian would you feel confident in coming out to your doctor? I had to recently. I didn’t feel scared of being judged because I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what she thought. I was more concerned about my health. When you’ve been […]

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Would You Get A Beard?

October 14, 2013


To put it simply, out here in Nigeria no one takes you seriously if you’re a young woman who is of marriageable age but is unmarried. Some people consider you unlucky; others see you as unserious. I watched a TV show yesterday on Ebony Life TV called Girl Talk. It’s a bunch of women sitting around […]

My Two Loves

August 3, 2013


My very first love has grey eyes. She loves sports and all things fitness, is kind and compassionate, utterly ambitious and is god’s gift to women in bed. My second love has deep brown eyes surrounded by a flutter of long eyelashes. She thinks her eyes are her best feature but I think her bum wins […]

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I Suspect All Women

May 16, 2013


Well, not all of them but some.  They walk up to you bold; Under the guise of friendship “I just want to be your friend if that’s cool”, she says.    And she seems cool.    A cool friend.    Showing you around town, picking you up, dropping you off,   Taking you to parties […]

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