This blog contains serious, humorous, and in-between articles, poetry, prose, essays and stories covering various themes on women-inclined sexualities. The pieces are written by me(let’s call me dykeroadbaby) and by my friends(where specified). They are usually inspired by things going on in our lives or reflections on past experiences. I believe it’s important for us to paint our own realities and record our own histories since when we think of what ‘s true for us and in the world the starting point should be ourselves.  A little bit about me: I’m 24, mostly living in London, UK, and of African heritage. I generally enjoy rocking out on the internet and this is just one of the many ways I do it:)                                   


We welcome all positive and respectful correspondence. To ask a question, send an article for publication or to make a recommendation writedykeroad@gmail.com

Please feel free to send your ideas and to participate by leaving comments. No idea is too ridiculous! I’m happy to work with people. In fact, I am thrilled by co-op gigs. You can also send criticisms but please be gentle. I’m really excited about how this effort will grow and I hope you also enjoy hanging out here!

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