Love Note 10/13

Posted on December 7, 2017


Found this cheesy little note while cleaning out an old inbox

Love is indigo.
Love is bright orange.
Love is rainbow-coloured.
Love is hopeful, elusive and full.
It contents you even when you’re hungry, broke, or broken.
Love is uplifting.
Like singing along to Channel Orange in the summer and Lianne La Havas in the winter.
Love is repetition.
Favourite songs, underwear, hoodies, movies, spots.
Known smiles, smells and tastes. Warm comforting cuddles that can’t get old because you’ve found the perfect spooning position.
You Wn!

Love is lss and goodbyes.
Regret, apologies and restitution.
An emptiness that cracks open your soul.
Love is cups of tea in bed and smileys in text messages that are read and re-read like entire novels.
Love is magical walks in the countryside or on long city bridges. When you hold hands you feel the cosmic vibrations that sprouted the earth.

Love is ambitious.
Like rambling words called a letter that is placed in an envelope and posted. It took minutes to write but months to be received and read in just seconds.
Love is cross-continental gifts.
Like the little Buddha that travelled from Thailand, stopped over in Dubai, went to England, then Liberia, then Nigeria; before it entered into my hands.
Love is light and darkness. They say people fall in love but we walked into it with hands clasped, all the time I was holding you.

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