Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!

Posted on June 21, 2016


The entire week has been a moving week for my family and I. I stumbled on my old stonewall T-shirt and I suddenly understood the meaning of the message ‘Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!’

We just moved to a new house and the move has been really bittersweet and nostalgic. I found so many trinkets that I forgot about. Gifts from my best friends and tons of photos. My parents took a lot of pictures. Of tIMG_8394hem and their friends and family at different points in time. My mum kept this cute suitcase of birthday and greeting cards. My sister and I went through them and saw cards on everything to everyone. There was a card from my mum to my dad telling him to cheer up that things would turn around. My older sister got lots of birthday cards, I guess because she is their first child. There were cards congratulating my parents and wishing them well on their marriage. There were postcards from friends’ trips. There was a ‘sexy’ card from my dad to my mum calling her the best catch of all and his love.

I am still on a high from going through a box full of happy memories. It was as if all the love and good wishes enclosed in those cards spilled out of the paper and into my heart. One year, my older sister got four of the same birthday cards from different people. That made us laugh. It was probably the reigning card that year.

I spent this evening setting up my room. I put up my books and little keepsakes from friends. I’m so delighted to have a piece of each of them in my room. I have some little brightly colored ceramic animals that my girlfriend bought me from Rwanda. I have put out my painting from Jhdee. Its lots of heart shapes in different colors and then choose love is written all over it.


It is made with handmade paper from Indonesia. I also placed my small wooden box that contains seashells. My friend gave them to the me at Uni. She surprised me one day with seashells that she picked up at the beach.

While I was going through my clothes to figure out what to keep or give out, I found my red stonewall t-shirt that says, “Some People Are Gay. Get Over It”. I got it when I volunteered at UK Black Pride in London. My friend volunteered with me and I remember it was an awesome day. One memory I have from it is film-maker Campbell X saying hi to me like we’d known each other for years. I loved wearing the t-shirt on that day because it made me feel special. 

Some people are gay

“Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!”, was the first billboard that caught my attention in Brighton. I was riding around on the bus when I saw it. My jaw probably dropped. I had never seen a bolder and truer statement. I’ve kept my t-shirt since that day. I’ve also remembered that statement since that day. Whenever I think of it, I think of how genius it is because it reminds us of something so simple in such a matter-of-fact tone.

Some people are gay. We don’t need to debate what caused it- whether it was nature or nurture. We don’t need to debate on if they should be allowed to have children or get married. If they should be allowed to live or die. If they can be muslim or christians. It just tells us that we exist, not as an anomaly or a special category of humans. That we are people- end of discussion. 

This month is pride month. I will be missing all the parades but will be cheering us on in spirit. Let us keep flying our queer flag high.