She Calls Me “Gucci Bag”

Posted on April 29, 2014


guest post by Anonymous

I got my first “proper”…nah “mature” pussy licking by this girl who owned a fake Gucci bag. It was supposed to be a one night stand that turned into a two time relationship. So I had to see her again, although I was thinking to myself that I might probably catch something from this girl, this married girl.

And she is not that cute at all, so yes I must have been very horny!

For the second fuck session, I went over to her place, the neighbourhood was a bit too ghetto for my taste. The greasy stained street roads, the dead lawn grass, jobless looking people hanging around being jobless, ooooh and yes the smell…trash smell. Anyway I kept driving around till I found a parking spot, and I remember walking and looking back at my car to make sure it was within eyesight. As if that would stop it from being jacked.

I found myself wanting…wishing we were outside, not that the apartment smelled that awful or worse than the street trash smell, but it felt and smelled so damp plus the smell of traditional cooking spices/dishes stuck to the cloth couch in the living room.

Shit I was still horny, so fuck that! The bedroom was cleaner, thank goodness.

My flat-mate calls me “Gucci bag” because she got a glance of me sneaking a woman out of our apartment at 5:00am, and all she could make out was her legs and the fake Gucci bag.

That’s it. Now let me finish up this episode of Girls. Work is over in 1hr 30 minutes and my girlfriend and I are going to the movies. Fuck yes, I’m watching TV shows at the office! All that nasty fucking scenes from Girls made this memory pop up.