88 ‘Til Infinity

Posted on April 16, 2014


On this day each year, I usually reflect on the past one. Since I’ve neglected this blog so badly I thought I should stop by and share some of what I’m thinking.

My theme for this year is Joy. Joy, because I’m at a very happy place in life. This past year has been very eventful. I went from wishing I was in a different place, actually being in the wrong place at the wrong time and finally, to feeling like I’m at home.

Things are getting good and most importantly I have someone who makes me tremendously happy. Here’s my 16 nuggets for being born on the 16th:

1. I discovered that I suck at speaking my mother-tongue and I want to fix this.

2. I am too fickle with exercise even though I can see the amazing results it has on my body. I am going to buy some Nike’s and start running again (I look hot when I run).

3. No man is an island.

4. Family and friends are important. Treasure them whenever you can.

5. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Death will surely come so love fast, love hard.

6. Giving is better than receiving. You will be surprised at what you get when you ask, don’t be afraid to let what you want known.

7. It’s OK to say no. Having too much on your plate can make you under-perform and get you feeling stressed. It’s also OK to try to be a superhero but downtime is important.

8. You-time is the ultimate. Making memories with someone you love; even better.

9. Dreams are important otherwise the future looks bleak.

10. Mistakes are part of our life experience. Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

11. You deserve every good thing that comes your way but some of the things you want will elude you.

12. Humility and gratitude open doors.

13. Patience is a virtue. Seasons change

14. To forgive is truly divine.

15. Travel. It opens your mind.

16. Read and Play. It keeps your mind and body young.

Bon anne pour moi! May my joy never dissipate.