I Suspect All Women

Posted on May 16, 2013


Well, not all of them but some. 

They walk up to you bold;

Under the guise of friendship

“I just want to be your friend if that’s cool”, she says. 
And she seems cool. 
A cool friend. 
Showing you around town, picking you up, dropping you off,
Taking you to parties and introducing you to new people. 
Its generally fun and games. 
And we like to play games, don’t we? 
Soon you notice the touches linger and then she’s rubbing your back and then her hand in under your shirt. 
This is definitely games but still fun. 
You have to decide if you want to play. 
The glints in her eyes are glaring through her sexy secretary glasses. 
“Dear”, “Hun”, and “Sugar” are dropped in every BBM line. 
She suggests that she’s into you. 
If you let her kiss you she will tell you she likes you. 
You can fuck with her but you won’t like her. 
You’ve always preferred the non-sly and non-suspect ones anyway. 
You know this but you decide that you will play. 
When you try to shake her off there will be drama. 
Fun and games come with complications and manipulation.
Mind games such as cajoling that its OK if they aren’t your one and only.  
They want to keep you by any means necessary. 
Suddenly the allure is gone. 
Underneath her skirt is no longer ethereal. 
Do I catch a glimpse of crossed eyes under those glasses you wonder to yourself. 
You refuse to comment on every display picture change that you know is being done for you. 
You love the new hair and the short dresses but you can’t fuck with her anymore. 
What shake off lines do you go for? 
Being a dick always worked wonders. Sure-fire.
But suspect women are tough. They play hard and they don’t give up easy. 
You fucked her but you didn’t like her.
Fun time is up.
What chapter of the dick book do you refer to?
Attempting to stay friends is out of the question. Her conversation was nothing to write home about. 
You swear you’re done with suspect women. “Let me go and be dedicated to the one I love”, you resolve. 
But you don’t think that can work because after writing this you begin to suspect yourself too. 
Till the next one comes along then. This is Nigeria so shouldn’t be too long. 
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