Take Your Time

Posted on August 1, 2012


written by LesGuru

Lesbians seem to rush into relationships, love hard and then hate harder when things don’t go according to plan. If I had a penny for each time somebody approached me with lesbian drama, I would be filthy rich! The ironic thing is that I believe they bring it on themselves. We seem to no longer have the patience to formulate friendships first. To me, not getting to know someone before getting into bed with them, and then expecting more, is a recipe for disaster. I say this because I have been there one too many times.

At some point I was wise enough to look at the part I played and realized that I rushed into things. I went for the first woman to show interest in me and after a few months I would be heartbroken and depressed. This meant starting from square one after the break up; picking myself up, reconnecting with friends I abandoned during my whirlwind affair, and re-organizing my future plans. Let’s face it, when most lesbians get into relationships that’s it for them. They imagine a picket fence and kids after the first orgasm even though it is clear as day that the relationship is unhealthy and doomed.

I have now been single for two years after an abomination of a relationship and surprise, surprise, we are still friends. I even offer her relationship advice with the woman she cheated on me with. Naturally, I’m more careful about the women I attract because I do not want to get hurt again, thus, “I am taking my time”. I am taking the time to love myself by doing the things that build me as a person, taking routes to further my career and my networks so that when the time is right, when I eventually find my fit, I will have something to offer. When I say something to offer, by no means am I referring to the mundane material aspects of life, I mean that I will have a confident and content me, I will be a partner to her as she will be to me because when you are content and happy you attract exactly that. In essence she will complement rather than complete me.

Many of us are looking for someone to love but rushing does not guarantee anything. Remember, good things come to those who wait and waiting never killed anybody. Do not let fear from previous hurts dictate your life, open your mind to possibilities, go on dates, form friendships and know that it is okay to not fall in love with every woman you connect with. On that note ladies, take your time.