Rain + Shagging

Posted on April 29, 2012


I’m now convinced rainy weather was made for Shagging but of course this is amongst a host of other important reasons. When I was a kid and it rained those thundery showers in the Motherland, you were advised to stay put if you didn’t have somewhere urgent to be.  I thought it was the perfect time to snuggle up. The air was cooler and it was usually quiet because the electricity would have been cut off.  It was amazing for introspections, short but sweet naps or sharing thoughts with a sibling.  I never lost gratitude for being able to witness such a magnificent act of nature from a sheltered and comfortable spot. There was also the occasional peek out of the window trying to catch glimpses of lightening strikes. Each time was somewhat magical and new.

Growing up I’ve discovered another fitting activity to indulge in while we wait out the rain. The English call it shagging and when done properly can be a pretty powerful occurrence. With our bodies we become active participants in nature’s showcase of splendour and as water cascades down to earth to carry out those wonderful processes, we can celebrate at a private party for two without being exposed to the elements.

You see, those Hollywood movie scenes with couples kissing in the rain were onto something- Intimacy and rain go hand-in-hand. However, as hot as it might look to lock lips passionately while you get drenched by the downpour, someone from the production team is ready to hand towels to those actors. Besides, that passion must start to lose its sizzle once you begin to freeze your tits off.

English rain really isn’t that sexy.  This spring we’ve had it in intermittent showers and because it hasn’t been very warm, the rain doesn’t come as welcome relief. Thankfully, when it does pour, it still manages to maintain that effect of making you want to get cosy. If you happen to be laying next to someone with whom you can do more than swap thoughts, the sound of rain falling against window panes and onto the streets creates an easy atmosphere to get your shag-on. You don’t necessarily need other accessories to create an ambience since nature has kindly given you licence to let your hands run over each other’s bodies, kiss hard, then slow and then hard again if you want. Hell! Kiss medium if that’s what does it for you! Tease nipples, lick, suck, pinch, bite.  Do all the things you know that rocks the other’s boat.

When you think it’s all over and you’re coming-down, don’t forget to take in how the sound of your heartbeats and the sighs of post-coital satisfaction blends perfectly with the unique melody of rainy weather. The sheer beauty of how you feel in those moments is nature’s way of letting you know that when its raining, its alright to take the liberty to shut down and shag.


End Note: This activity is highly recommended for days when you are skiving off school or work.

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