2011 in LesBian (September to December)

Posted on December 29, 2011


2011 winds down with LGBT debates being prominent in policy discussions worldwide. Progress has been made in many respects but being gay is still illegal in 80 of 196 countries across the world, being a lesbian is specifically outlawed in 45  and in 6 countries the penalty for both is death.

To all the anti-LGBT rights folks out there, shame on you! Don’t be a drag, just be a queen. 


  K-Y Intense Commercial Features Lesbian Couple

Added to my shopping list. I may or may not be reviewing this in a later post 

I read about this on Jezebel. On the discussion thread, one of the comments in response to the women in the ad being “in shape, relatively young, conventionally attractive and in a long term relationship implied to be monogamous is”: “I won’t be happy until they show an old, overweight, multi-racial, differently-abled, polyamorous, trans, unconventionally unattractive couple in this commercial….” Let K-Y know what you want Ms.Frost!

Actor Leisha Hailey thrown off flight for kissing girlfriend Camila Grey

The pair were thrown off their Southwest flight after they shared a kiss. A cabin crew member, apparently responding to a passenger complaint, told Hailey that Southwest was a “family airline” and that they should stop it. Jealous much?

LGB people at risk of lonelier old age

I hope we all remembered to call or visit our nans and paps over these holidays

Stonewall‘s survey revealed that gay men and women Britain are far more likely to end up living alone and having less contact with family in later life than heterosexual people. This report has grand implications for health and social care providers at a time when a significant proportion of the world’s population is ageing.


Ms Nabagesera awarded the Martin Ennals Prize for Human Rights Defenders

You go girl!

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera is a gay rights activist from Uganda and the founder of the gay rights organization Freedom and Roam Uganda. She was one of the first lesbians to speak out openly on behalf of LGBT people in Uganda.

Earlier this year, her colleague David Kato, was murdered when a Ugandan newspaper published an article that included photos and whereabouts of gay men and lesbians. Nabagesera also appeared on that list.


The Nigerian Senate shows its homophobic side by punishing same-sex marriages with 14-year jail terms.

Nigerian senators, you guys suck

The bill also seeks to tighten existing legislation which already outlaws gay sex, by criminalising anyone who witnesses or assists such marriages and/or makes same-sex public displays of affection. Read where I tell off a member of the Nigerian media for spreading homophobic beliefs(scroll down to the comments section of that web page).

The Real L word picked up for season 3

The Real L Word Whitney Season 2 - P 2011

The Real L Word's Whitney

The third season will feature new and returning cast members and be filmed in Los Angeles and New York. Ready for a potential part two of Whitney and Romi dildo action?? I hope makers of Candy Bar girls will be taking notes.


The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t tell

History was made by these two lovely ladies on a Virginia Beach pier when they became the first same sex couple to share the Navy’s traditional homecoming first kiss.

Pariah, the movie hits US theatres

Dee Rees’ Pariah, explores the life of one young black woman whose parents are in deep denial about the fact that she’s a lesbian. I hope UK film houses pick this one up too.


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Visit again next week to read about why “Lesbian” is a dirty filthy, disgusting word. 

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