2011 in LesBian (January to April)

Posted on December 24, 2011


While topics such as falling dictatorial regimes, economic uncertainty, increasing unemployment, climate crisis and Matt Cardle (only in the U.K) are trending worldwide, DR offers an exclusive recap of important and unimportant occurrences of the LesBian world in 2011.


Jessie JFile:JessieJ-DoItLikeADude-1.jpg

Many LesBians roll into the year feeling pretty cool, thanks to Jessie J’s single “Do it like a dude”. This song prompted feminist debates when we weren’t being shocked by her Swaroski studded lips or pondering where she found the breed of lesbians for her music video.

David Kato

Rolling Stone published names and addresses of suspected Gays and Lesbians in Uganda under the headline “Hang them”

While some of us in the West were chillin’, trying to get laid, acting a fool or feeling overly self-indulgent, Shit was popping down South. David Kato, a prominent Ugandan gay rights activist was brutally murdered.


Heather Peace on the front cover of Diva

Heather Pearce on cover of Jan 2011 issue of UKs Diva

Diva January 2011

Who fell in love with her during Lip Service? She is recording her debut album planned for release next spring.


The Oscars fell in love with Lesbian sex this year, Black Swan and The Kids Are All Right saw lesbian content make waves in mainstream movies but how has sidelining lesbian women from these roles gone down in Lesbian Hollywood?

Top: Black Swan; Bottom: The Kids Are Alright

Note Natalie Portman’s super-skilled tongue in Black Swan; 3 minutes to orgasm through oral sex!


Million Women Rise

March 3, 2012 is the next million women rise march

Women all over the world marched against male violence in all its forms. If you weren’t there this year, make sure you are in 2012.


Baby Gaga human breast milk ice cream

Lady Gaga shows us how to multi-task. She inspires and threatens, all at a whim. Is that a pre-requisite for being a bisexual celebrity? Oh no, she was born that way!

Which nipple do you prefer?

In March, she graces the front cover of Vogue US and during that period threatens legal action against an ice cream store in Covent Garden, London, creating  Baby Gaga ice cream made from human breast milk.


Lesbilicious (the web’s tastiest lesbian magazine) observes that there is a disproportionate number of vegan and vegetarian ladies in the queer community.

TMC shares this magnificent chart recording the odds that someone enjoys giving oral sex and them being vegetarian! Sensible conclusion: If you are LesBian and you enjoy receiving oral sex, “Are you vegetarian?” need to be on the list of questions for the first date.

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